It’s All About Perspectives

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I remember the early days of business, I looked forward to each day. Not knowing who would call each day. Not knowing what would happen each day. Not knowing who I would meet each day. I was excited about not knowing. I felt a little crazy for feeling so, but my excitement was with the unknown.

Then a few years later, the excitement started to fade and the weight of responsibility started to weigh-in. What ifs started to haunt my mind. What if no one was interested? What if we don’t have enough people sign up for our programmes? What if our performance was poor? What if we don’t make enough money?

Excitement soon turned to anxiety. Passion soon turned to weary. The anxiety got the best of me. I stopped looking forward to the days ahead and I started dreading each day. For a long time, I was very unhappy, depressed and anxious.

Today, I wonder how anyone could work in such a state, where you are constantly under pressure and mentally down. When others are coming to work with their best selves, you are showing up daily in your worst. I read some emails I wrote at the time and I cringed. Operating in survival mode, thinking with your lizard brain. Exposing your vulnerable self to constant scrutiny and criticism by employees.

Yet it’s all about perspective.

How we see things.

Half full versus half empty.

Looking forward to versus dreading.

Can’t wait versus why bother.

What if we succeed versus what if we fail.

It’s a do or die versus I’ll do my best and leave the rest.

Success and failure are first manifested in the mind, then in the actions.

If you think you have failed you are right.

If you think you have succeeded, you are right as well.

Think right. Act right. Be right. Succeed.

The mindset is a very powerful thing.

I did my best given the circumstances.

It’s all about perspective.

Your thoughts?

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