Invest In Yourself

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Changing careers to HR or any career can happen more quickly if you have done 2 things.

  1. Got the necessary knowledge and skills through training
  2. Identified your transferable skills

You must be equipped with the skills required to excel in your new career. There’s no shortcut.

To leverage the skills you already have and avoid starting from rock bottom, you must identify your already existing transferable skills.

There are some people that approached me to help them with career change, some as far back as 10 years ago.

I see them, till now, they have not made any progress. I feel sad but I cannot want the career change more than them.


– They never take advice.

– They always have the perfect excuse.

– They never have money to pay for training courses.

– They never have time to take the training courses.

– They never make sacrifices.

Nothing will happen if you do nothing. In 5 years’ time, the story will not change.

It’s amazing how people think their careers are not worth investing in.

You reap what you sow.

84% of the workforce by the virtue of statistics will not work for big firms like multinationals, banks, telecoms.

This means that the 84% just have to be intentional about their future.

You cannot limit your investment to NGN5,000 and expect magic.

It doesn’t happen.

The people you are admiring are investing in themselves in one way or the other.

They are sacrificing money or time serving someone somewhere.

Decide today. Tomorrow may never come.


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