If Money was No Concern, What Would You Do for a Living?

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I would sit on boards of companies helping them realise their vision and business objectives. I would specialise in HR advisory, however will lend my experience as a founder and business owner.

I would advocate globally for better HR practices.
I would govern the affairs of an institute that provided world class educational and professional standards on HR Management.

I would found a learning institute that would equip everyone who wanted to work with the skills required to thrive at work.

I would through various foundations provide, awareness, funding and hope to causes that focus on developing people or improving the livelihood of women.

I would provide work for everyone who shows willingness to work and just needs an opportunity.

I would write books, articles and speak at events on topics ranging from work life to social life, sharing lessons I have learnt over the years.

I would choose my hours to suit my mood.

I would work because I choose to, not because I have to.

I would never again be involved in the daily operations of any company. I would only provide vision, direction, investment or advise.

What about you?

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