I Tried ChatGPT

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Chat GPT reminds me of those people you ask for directions that aren’t sure, but in their bid to be helpful, they confidently lead you in the wrong direction.
Ever happened to you?

My husband always wonders why they can’t just politely say they don’t know🤷‍♀️.

My guess is, they have the best intentions, but their desire to be helpful, gets the best of them.

I’m always on the look out for new studies to add to my literature review, because my area of research is emerging i.e. employee engagement in remote work. I have researched widely, so I like to think I am abreast with most of the recent literature as they begin in 2020 within the pandemic timelines.

So, I asked Chat GPT for academic references on remote work engagement. I was thrilled when it listed 4 studies I had never heard about. What was more intriguing was when I probed further, it cited 3 theoretical frameworks on remote work engagement. You see, the current literature is amass with employee engagement theory but lacking in engagement theory in remote work settings, so, I was actually beyond thrilled.

On finding this rare gem, I thought to myself, #AI is a game changer for #researchers. I copied and pasted the references to my digital notepad, saving it for later review on my laptop.

But alas! I have been searching Google and online libraries for a 1 of the academic references and 3 theories cited, to no avail. Chat GPT has sent me on a wild goose chase. My excitement has been abruptly cut short.

A few things worth noting when using #AI tools:

1. AI is programmed to help. It will give you an answer, any answer based on what it has in its database and its database may not be accurate. ChatGPT is designed to help. It rarely says ‘I don’t l know,’ unless of course it is programmed to do so. Check its work for accuracy to avoid costly reputational issues.

2. For now at least, AI is like an assistant, and you are the supervisor. It can help you start off simple tasks but as the tasks get complex, you need to step in to give direction. You can delegate your responsibility but you remain accountable. Don’t rely on AI’s work, especially as a professional or academic.

3. If it’s too good to be true, it’s really too good to be true.

4. Take the ChatGPT disclaimer seriously.

Notwithstanding, #ChatGPT is an awesome tool.

Artificial Intelligence, just needs human intelligence to do the magic.

Humility is not knowing the answer and admitting it.

Humility is a human virtue.

Your thoughts?

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