I Miss You, Daddy

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When the clock struck 12 midnight, my heart sank. That for the first time in my life, my daddy would not call me today.

 It hurt, deeply, and the tears kept winning.

 Daddy, I miss you so much. There have never been the words to describe it.

 Birthdays must be celebrated, that was your signature style. We must eat out, we just had to agree where and when.

 Now birthdays are the worst days, definitely not sipping champagne when we are thirsty.

 This time last year, we were in London together. I was waiting at the pub because I arrived before everyone. I had left in the morning for my training programme and we had agreed to meet at 6pm at one of our regular spots.

 Today, we tried to eat out, I even took some pictures…but my face looked sad, even the effort couldn’t hide it.

 If you were here, I know I would have seen you today. You would have called me in the morning and prayed for me. If I said I was working, you would have told me to take a break, that I worked too hard. You would have insisted we celebrate and planned where to eat out.

 Daddy, I promised you then and I promise you again, those things that were held back will be unleashed. I will make you proud, wherever you are.

 Forever and ever, I miss you Daddy.

 Thank you all for the heart-warming messages. Birthdays are very reflective times for me. The messages were heartfelt and very much appreciated. God bless you real good.

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