HR Bootcamp Part 4

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I started preparing nonetheless. The registrations continued to drip in. The flyer had promised light refreshments would be served, so I sourced for snacks and drinks on a very tight budget.

Another payment finally came through. My heart gladdened. Then a few more payments came in. It felt surreal. I had started to record the payments and in just a few days about 15 payments had come in.

It felt good but not comfortable. I was indeed grateful for the handful of payments but anxious that a near empty hall will be disappointing to the few people in attendance.

I needed to get more confirmed attendees and the only assurance of attendance I had was the payments that came through.

The two young chaps introduced by Peter had started helping. I hadn’t met either of them in person. One of them was Lanre Yusuf. He was contemplating resigning his job and needed some help with his next steps. We exchanged a few emails, discussing his prospects. He was keen on spreading our gospel to his personal network, which included some students at a study center he attended. He updated me that on getting to one of the study centers, most of the people had already heard about the seminar. He was very optimistic that more people would register and asked if he could assist me on the event day. I gladly obliged. I emailed him to meet me early on the event day. I would need help with attendance registration.

It was a 4 days to the d-day. I decided to send a final reminder of the registration closing and had accepted my fate whatever it may be.

A few more registrations came in, then some more payments. I kept the payment log. The numbers were steadily rising and more than doubled up to about 35.

I decided to check out the venue again. Last minute checks to make sure everything was set.

It was the day of registration closing. My phone beeped with a credit alert. Then another one followed shortly. Then another one still. Till the wee hours of the morning, my phone kept beeping with credit alerts. I kept counting, all the way till 75.

75 people had paid to attend the HR Bootcamp Seminar. Thank you Jesus, it could only be you.

To be continued…PS: To learn more about the HR Bootcamp Conference visit

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