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Someone asked me the other day whether they were sharing money as bait to join the HR profession. They were referring to the ever-increasing influx of people, mostly women by the way, opting for a career in HR.

In more recent times, HR has gained more respect as a noble profession. And for those who love a challenge, given the huge responsibility on HR professionals in the pandemic, we can describe these days as exciting though tough times.

Hmmm…but I am not sure what to make of this influx, giving the sheer level of unemployment experienced at this time, world over, but at worrisome levels in Nigeria.

More recently, I see many posts on LinkedIn announcing about achieved certifications in HR, both international and local. I wonder if they are aware that certification is the beginning of your career development, not the end? No training or certification beats continuous professional development and with rising unemployment and competition, the efforts and requirements to stand out and excel in HR and perhaps any profession are huge, and the more pertinent question is where are the jobs after certification?

Less than a week ago, I made a post requesting people interested in starting or switching to a career in HR to register their interest. This is an initiative, I began in 2016. My concern now is I just checked the responses after a few days and I see about 400 registrations already. I should be happy right? As my firm focuses on developing HR professionals, but I am worried.

I am worried because, I know these people aren’t just looking for another training programme, they want jobs and career advancement. I wish I could give them the jobs.🤷‍♀️

I know this is not just an HR problem, but what do we do with the excess supply of HR enthusiasts and professionals?
I try my best with initiatives, but most times, I do feel overwhelmed or helpless.
Please, if anyone has an interest or a solution, do get in touch. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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