How Satisfied Are You With Your Career?

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how satisified are you with your career?

Does your current job provide you with personal growth, fulfilment and financial stability?

If you answered less than 7 to the first question or no to any part of the second question, you may be experiencing what I term as “Career Unrest.”

If this is you, you can benefit from doing the following;

✅️ Develop a clear career vision…a vision is a mental picture of a future destination.

✅️ Determine any skills gap you may have and identify the required training and development needs you need to embark on.

✅️ Understand and identify your transferable skills, they are the secret sauce to a successful and quick transition.

✅️ Determine how you can get work experience that is aligned with your career goals

✅️ Consider career options that you may not have thought feasible in the past.

✅️ Explore networking opportunities that will connect you with the right people.

✅️ Prepare for any financial impact that could result from your decision to make a career change.

✅️ Have clear goals and an action plan to achieve your career dreams.

In 2020, my book, “Change Your Career”, was listed amongst the top 100 career change books of all time by Book Authority, a leading site that identifies and ranks the best books in the world.

I wrote this book because I enjoy helping people through career transitions. I have also succesfully changed careers five times and wanted to share a winning formula with people who desire a career change.

The book is for anyone who seriously wants to change their career quickly and successfully. Whether you are starting careers, at crossroads, confused, retiring or thinking next steps, the book will help you. It’s a practical guide, leading you through 10 practical steps.

It is currently available for instant download via ebook on a special promo with a free workbook and CV template via my personal websites.

You can visit from anywhere in the world

If you are in Nigeria, you can purchase via

It’s also on amazon in paperback and ebook if you wish to purchase it there.

Thank you for the opportunity, I hope you enjoy it and please leave a review.

Your thoughts on the tips?

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