How is Your Fight?

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I chuckled when I found this image on social media today. It reminded me of an argument that ensued on social media group I belong to. Some people were accusing the Author of a post (John Obidi) of being pessimistic because he unapologetically called out the struggle of the average Nigerian as very different from their American counterparts. In his words, he said, ‘your fight is different.’ Some of us understood immediately, while some decided it was time to play devil’s advocate.

My thoughts went back to my my first year at University, in the UK. I had arranged a meeting to see my course advisor. We had to see them at least once a term or if we had any problems, and well, I had problems.

I was struggling with my coursework and I needed some guidance, I was hoping for some encouragement, direction or perhaps a solution.

I had poured out my heart, and in anticipation I paused eagerly for his advise.

To my shock horror, he suggested that I drop out of the course. He said it so casually and matter of factly.

Suddenly, I felt I had been slapped back to my senses. ‘What was I doing here?’ I thought to myself.

For crying out loud, I am black, Nigerian for that matter. Please, with which mouth will I start explaining to my parents that I dropped out of school. Did this white man realise where I was coming from?

Anyway, I gathered myself together very quickly. I knew I had to find my own solution.

It was then, even at the young age of 18, I realised, my fight was different.

I like to dream but first I must be real…

What would really become of my life as a drop out?

Fast forward over 2 decades later, even with my 2 degrees and plenty book…no comment

Please, how is your fight and is it different?

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