Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but something about the two Zeros on the year 2020 makes it look full of promise. Even if you never had a vision or plan for your life before now, this year, you must stop that break dance! 2020, will be a great year for you. Say Amen.

As lovely as it seems, 2020 doesn’t look like it is going to send anyone o. You see those two zeros? They are ready to look you in the eyes and tell you your life history. This is when machines, software, will really take over jobs and remaining jobs will demand super skills. One existing staff with super skills will do the work that three people previously did. People with super skills will be smiling while those with common knowledge will be crying.

Just remember that I told you so, you must plan to become super-skilled this year.

They say old dogs can”t learn new tricks but this old dog must learn. This year is for the techies! Mark my words, techies rule. Go and learn tech skills to remain relevant! especially if you are not in the tech space. You need to take out time to learn specific skills to keep you relevant. I shall be sharing those skills this Saturday, most especially if you are in HR.

So, who wants to do 2 hours of career planning session this Saturday 4th of January? It will be online via facebook live.

Only criteria to join the class is that you complete the Change Your Career Workbook before the Saturday session.

If you just want the workbook you can get that as well. It cost NGN1,000 ony. Imagine, it’s my early 2020 gift to you! The download to the workbook is available once payment is confirmed. Immediate access for paystack payments.

The online career planning session cost NGN5,000 only.

Happy to host it his Saturday, January 4th at 10am till 12noon for 15 people only.

This is your chance to ask all your career related questions. I am sorry I am unable to answer facebook messages as I cannot type out answers but in a small class I will be able to give people more attention.

If you want to start the year on the right footing, I advise you to take this opportunity. Please, please, time is precious and waits for no one.

The workbook and sessions can be gotten from the link below. Registration is completed with orders from the website link below.


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