Happy Independence Day All!

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“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your


Today is good day to decide what you can do for your country. How can you
contribute to society at large? Regardless of your personal problems,
there’s always somebody you can help. You need a better paying job, someone
needs any paying job. You need a loan of 10m to fund your business; someone
needs 5k to solve their problem. You need a new 4×4, to deal with the bad
roads and rainy season; someone needs an umbrella or raincoat to stop being
beaten by the rain. You need major surgery; someone can’t afford
paracetamol and anti-malaria drugs. You need to move into a bigger house in
a nicer part of town, someone needs to move from a shared room in a slum.
They complain, you join them in complaining. Every day, you wallow in your
personal problems, yet you are healthy, live in a decent residence and can
afford treats that cost ten times the amount of people’s salaries. We all
have issues; however, we can all help others regardless of those issues.
Today is a good day to put your personal issues aside and reach out to help
someone whose issues you can solve easily. Let’s start somewhere.

Happy Independence day, Nigerians. Do more than just having good intentions
and meaning well. Act. Do something positive today and always.

Adora Ikwuemesi

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