Forever Young

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Growing up, I got used to being younger than everyone else.

In primary school I was one of the youngest in my class, same experience in secondary school.

I graduated university at 21, masters dusted by 22, senior management by 30, business founder by 33.

I never really gave it a thought that one day I would be older than 2 generations.

That people would call me Madam, Aunty, Mummy.

That my mates would be the ones being laid off by organisations for being too old.

I thought I would be forever young.

The greatest currency for me is now time; how much of it I have left and use well.

‘What should I do with my time?’ has become the question I must answer daily.

Keep being curious, solving problems and challenging he status quo.
Find inspiration in the young, admiring all that they are and are yet to become.
Commit to lifelong learning, a perpetual student, never graduating.

Though aging is inevitable, I can be transformed by the daily renewal of my mind; the secret of all youth.

And when I can learn no more, I will return to my maker because my work must be over, but before that time, I will be forever learning, forever young.

This piece was inspired by the lyrics of the hit song ‘forever young’ first released by Alphaville, with many remakes done, including Jay Z. Youtube video link is belpw

‘I want to be, forever young. Do you really want to live forever, or never?’

Stay forever young.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Remi Olusola

    Thanks ma’am. Reading,trying to know more,asking questions, “friendship with Google” etc, are all what one needs to embrace to remain forever young. I used to also be the youngest but now,i work amongst generations way younger than I am (i actually thought about this,this morning). Hmm!!!


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