FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful

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I never believed in side hustles, I still don’t. It’s a poor strategy, especially at the start of one’s career. For many, it is the reason for their mediocrity. Spreading themselves too thin. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Focus on one thing and become an expert. It will serve you better than multiple side hustles.

If you are doing well in your career, invest more in it. Don’t dilute your harvest with distractions of side hustling. You won’t rise fast serving two masters. If the side hustle is what you really rather do, don’t juggle it, face it squarely, nurture it, give it time and watch it grow.

Success begins by specialising and being a thorough professional. Specialisation is the key to wealth and competitive advantage. Countries do it, they specialise and that’s why they trade, no nation is an all rounder. The most successful humans often start as specialist. A profession is a life-long career in a specialty. Consistency works like compounding interest. Getting better at one thing always pays off.

The riches are in the niches.

Be known for something first.

Once you are grounded, you will generate enough income to invest in multiple assets like real estate, stock, mutual funds, busineses etc.

Multiple income streams doesn’t mean you are actively engaged in all the activities that generate income for you. It simply means your investments, assets and money are working for you.

Too many people never master anything, they dip in and out of several things. As a result, the harvest never reaps and the chase is never ending, simply because they won’t focus.

Focus: Follow One Course Until Successful.

Have a great week.

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