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Why are some businesses rushing back to the office? Some degree of flexibility can be designed into many jobs that are still fronted as essentially on-site work.

Organisations need to sit down, analyse productivity metrics and enjoy the obvious benefits from flexible working. The savings on overheads like rent, furniture, and power costs cannot be ignored. No phone or internet bill will ever amount to your previous energy bills.

Some people, men, women, wives, and husbands are finally getting to spend time with, know and appreciate their families.

The impact on workplace inclusivity are huge, as organisations can tap into hiring more women😀, people with disabilities, and global workers.

Flexibility at work should be a right and not a privilege. There’s no decent work without some degree of flexibility.

To enjoy the benefits of workplace flexibility. There are several options available to your organisation; remote work and hybrid work models.

With work from home models also called remote working, all employers can work remotely for the most part. In hybrid models, there are varying options. Some organisations operate designated remote and on-site days for the entire organisation or teams. Other organisations categorise their teams into onsite teams who work from the office and remote teams who work from home.

Your firm can choose an option that allows it to enjoy the best of both worlds. Never feel compelled to adopt what other firms are doing as your business philosophy and culture vary.

I believe trust issues are the obvious reason for those still sitting on the fence, not embracing flexible work modes.

To work from home effectively, one must possess a high level of integrity and be highly dependable. I love working with such people, I mean who wouldn’t, and the future of work belongs to such workers.

To preserve the human touch, simply schedule regular checking and physical meet-ups. These can be mandated for wellness reasons to ensure staff are not becoming hermits. We still need to socialise.

As for me, I choose never to go back to how it was before. I honestly feel the rest of the world finally caught up with my preferred work style😃.
What are your concerns on flexible working for most workers?
What are your preferences?
Your thoughts?




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