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Recruitment must be one of the biggest challenge employers and recruiters face. There is no organisation even in tough times, that does not have a vacancy they wish they could fill. The problem is in filling it with the right person.

The scenario below is typical, the myriad of applications is astronomical.

We faced similar challenges some time ago, for a 2-week application window, after 6,000 applications were received for about 10 roles, we had seen more than enough.

We are not always proud of the creative methods used to shortlist, however, necessity they say is the mother of invention.

We need more efficient technology enabled recruitment processes to help us.

Sometimes there are just too many qualified applications and sometimes there are just too many unqualified applications.

I see opportunities for tech beyond the current ATS solutions. ATS can weed out the technical competence and qualifications but what about the almighty ‘culture fit?’


What solutions do you propose? What has worked and what do you think can work?


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