Every Ending, A New Beginning

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Sometimes, losing your job, is the best decision you never made.

As sad as it seems, bad experiences are always an opportunity for growth.

I have seen it happen one too many times especially with job losses.

Sometimes it happens when you don’t heed to the small voice that has been signalling change, not having the courage to leave when you should have.

Other times it’s totally unexpected, you wonder how you let your guard down, and blame yourself for being so ill-prepared.

Still, every ending is a new beginning.

Last year, I was involved in a layoff programme where the employer offered a generous severance package. The affected staff were signed up the for a 3 months outplacement service, to help them secure new jobs or careers. The service included a 2 day business and career programme. Many said they learned in 2 days what they hadn’t learned in 10 years.

As, I handed each a copy of my book, Change Your Career, I relished in the shimmer of hope I felt as each and everyone of them insisted that I sign their copy.

Today, some of them are in new jobs, a number of them kissed good bye to employment, and some said hello to entrepreneurship.

It starts off sad but mostly ends as a blessing.

Nothing phenomenal happens in your comfort zone.

As sad as it seems, could this be a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves?

Your thoughts?

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