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Business is not for everyone. If we are all entrepreneurs and business owners who will do the work?

For me, success is when you are doing what gives you fulfillment regardless of what anyone else is saying.

It is false to say that being an employee is slavery or building someone else’s dream.

Many employees live balanced and fulfilled lives while many entrepreneurs struggle with financial and mental health issues.

Many great employees earn much more than many entrepreneurs will ever earn.

The sad state of unemployment and low incomes has pushed many great employees into business, that doesn’t mean that’s what they rather do. Of course, any income is better than none.

Sure, entrepreneurs solve meaningful problems and contribute to invention and innovation. Sure entrepreneurs create jobs and can create astronomical wealth.

Entrepreneurship is also tough and often quoted to be suited to only 2% of the world’s population. If it were that desired by all or easy to be one, everyone will be doing it.

All in all.

Let everyone find their path and do well.

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