Employers: Engage in Consultation Before Layoff Action

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Some companies are going about this lay-off option the wrong way.Some are asking people to resign, sending them home abruptly without pay, reneging on contractual terms.

The Industrial court will be full of cases soon and they will rule in employees favour. Many may not realise that employment law cases in Nigeria has risen, employees know their rights, they have a special court dedicated for them and trust me the industrial court is very employee-centric.

‘Just over a year ago, I had to review a clients HR policies and procedures and handbooks all because they lost a case and the court ruled in favour of the employee to pay NGN8m, yes, NGN8m which was 2 years worth of pay to the employee, all because they did not even follow the process laid down in their handbook.

Covid19 is no excuse for not following procedures. Handle with care because you will still need to explain how you conducted the process.

When I wrote about layoffs 2 weeks ago, people felt it was too early. Some felt Adora Ikwuemesi has come again.Remember, I am a business owner, not just a HR Consultant. Nerve racking headaches for me, if I am to be totally honest.

My mind went way ahead assessing the obvious financial risks to my business. I acted swiftly with options as I knew and accepted that this reality was not going anywhere soon.

Please, please stop the madness. Read my article on the subject and have peace. This is new for all of us and employees too.

This is the time for openness and consultation with staff. They know what is going in so please be honest and seek their opinion. Any staff pretending to not know what is going on is living in cuckoo land.

Contracts can easily be negotiated at this time. Layoffs don’t have to be permanent they can be temporary.

Post COVID19 you will start looking for the same staff again.

Explore your options and choose the best for your organisation. I am not a lawyer but I can tell you to save yourself extra headache and litigation costs.

Review my previous article detailing your options below

Your thoughts?

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