Creating Your Strategic Plans

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Who needs extra headache? Last year was destabilising for many businesses, so a lot of strategy sessions have been scheduled later than they should. I will be facilitating 3 strategy sessions this month and my focus is to simplify things in a way that enable teams swing into action quickly.

 It is HR’s responsibility to work with business leaders to drive the process of achieving your business’ goals. If you are not getting that from your HR team, then they are under utilized or ill-equipped so develop them.

 Without a strategic plan for the year, there is inadequate information to determine the business priorities, the best structure and even ascertain the key job roles the business needs to achieve its goals. Without a strategic plan, there’s no basis to evaluate performance, hence it hinders your entire performance management system.

 Many teams find the strategic planning process cumbersome because there is too much documentation. I keep things simple by summarising all plans to a 1-page strategic plan. I love one-pagers. I use them for all my plans now even departmental ones. It’s also great for reviewing on a monthly basis, use the same 1 page.

 When it’s simple it’s easier to action and monitor. I love simplifying processes, it’s less headache for everyone.

 Your thoughts?

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