Could Term-Time Working Be The Next Big Thing?

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Could term-time working be the next big thing?

Flexible work arrangements (FWA) generally refer to employment practices that allow workers flexibility in
how they perform their tasks. The key benefit is that they allow flexibility to schedule priorities in one’s personal life.

The most common flexible work arrangements are working from home and flexible working hours. Other options include flexitime, job sharing and various part time work.

FWAs can help attract, retain and motivate more experienced high performing employees who may otherwise have competing personal responsibilities and priorities.

Research reveals that FWA helps contribute to diversity and inclusion, cut real estate costs, enhance engagement, reduce absenteeism and increase retention while boosting productivity and performance.

When executed creatively, FWA options are numerous for organisations. The latest addition to this is term-time working.

This is where work is scheduled during school term-time only. The work contract is scheduled to have 6 weeks off during the summer and 2 weeks off during Easter and Christmas holidays.

The implications of this will be positive for people with children or dependents of school age and perhaps students who want to work during term time.


Amazon is set to offer term-time contracts for parents and grandparent’s in their workforce.

I am currently researching one enhancing engagement in remote work, hence topics like this pique my interest. If you want insight to the latest research in the area, please feel free to reach out.


Could your organisation consider term-time work arrangements?

Would you consider a term-time only contract?

Your thoughts?

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