CIPM Awards Adora Ikwuemesi

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It is always an honor to be recognized by the foremost institute of your profession. Thank you Chartered Institute for Personnel Management Nigeria for inviting me as the Guest Speaker for the 45th Induction Ceremony. I spoke on Driving Innovation and Collaboration in the Now of Work. I must give it to the institute for picking the most relevant topics.

If you know me, you will know that my head is in the future. I am currently researching the impact of remote work on employee engagement.

This institute has been kind to me, this is not the first time, and this is one of numerous programmes and partnerships over the last 15 years. I am dedicated to transforming the HR profession and practices and always happy for the opportunity to partner with individuals and organisations that share that mission.

I dedicate this plaque to all of us in the HR profession, especially those newly inducted into the profession. I also recognise all those employers who ‘get it and understand that the workplace has changed forever. It is hybrid and remote, part-time and short-term. Know this, plan for it.

The future of work we preached about has become the Now of Work!

You can’t use old ways to drive new ways of working. Be clear and intentional with the way you want to go! I would say 3 things that I hammered on in my speech:

Start with a vision

Adopt a digital mindset

Build your personal brand


Go out there,

Stand out,

And make a positive difference!

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