Change Your Career Workshop

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Do you want to start a new career? Switch to a more fulfilling career? Increase your earning potential? Start a new business?

Change Your Career workshops are facilitator-led and designed for anyone who seriously wants to change their career quickly and successfully. 

It is finally here this September 7th, 2019 

Do you want to start a new career and confused on how to begin? 

Do you want to change your career and not sure which steps to take first?

Are you at crossroads and not sure what your next career move should be? 

 Are you stuck in your present job and wish for a more fulfilling job? 

Do you want to switch careers without starting at the bottom or requiring a pay cut?

Then, you need this workshop; 

We have only 10 slots Available.

The Change Your Career workshop is based on the self-help book Change Your Career.  It is targeted at people who seriously want to change their career quickly and successfully. This practical workshop  is task based and walks you through 10 proven strategies to help you achieve you career goals. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to;

  • Change your career much faster than if you tried to do it on your own.
  • Start your career change journey on the right-footing by beginning with a compelling career vision.
  • Gain leverage of your value by understanding and identifying your transferable skills.
  • Determine any skills gap you may have and identify the required training and development needs.
  • Consider all the options available to quicken the realisation of your career goals.
  • Explore networking opportunities that will connect you with the right people to help you realise your desired career change.
  • Prepare for any financial impact that could result from your decision to make a career change.
  • Develop an action plan with next steps, ready for execution.
  • Join a support group to help you be accountable. 
  • Increase the quality of your network, thus, increasing your career success rate.

Topics Include: 

  • Understanding Your Career Life and Why you Must Get it Right
  • How to Craft a Career Vision
  • Identifying Your Most Valuable Skills
  • Identifying Your Training Needs
  • How to Get Work Experience Without a Job
  • Networking for Success
  • Planning Your Finances
  • Setting Goals for Execution
  • Action Planning and Next Steps

Early Bird Fee: NGN29,750, ends 27th August, NGN39,750 afterwards includes; 

  • Change Your Career  Book & Workbook 
  • 1  hour group coaching
  • 1 month access to online support community

Upgrade for NGN69,750, ends 27th August, NGN79,750 afterwards includes additional;   

  • Personality Profiling to identify strengths and development opportunities
  • 1 hour Personal Career Planning/Interviewing Skills/Coaching Session
  • CV Revamp
  • LinkedIn Profile Revamp

Venue: Island, Lagos (communicated to registered participants)

Time: 9am to 4pm

We have only 10 slots Available.

Registration Closes August 31st, 2019.  Only Payment Confirms Registration

Pay Now to Reserve Your Seat and Confirm Your Registration

Bank Name: Diamond Bank

Account Name and Number: Kendor Consulting Ltd, 0077080845


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