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You can have 10 years experience but truly have 1 year experience 10 times. How? If you reached the peak of your job’s learning curve in 1 year, every extra time spent on the job adds little or no additional value to your depth.
Someone else can gain 10 years experience in 1 year, by being exposed to 10 high quality projects in 1 year.
Why do you think employees in consulting firms, on average, command more value than their counterparts in other industries?
Because they are constantly learning year after year, doing the things that create value; problem solving, engaging clients, managing relationships, and building networks.
For the next 7 weeks, I will be working closely with 3 companies that are committed to career management, a key HR process that ensures that people continuously learn and grow while fulfilling their aspirations. One firm expects to see increased job performance rather quickly based on the awareness revealed after the first workshop.
Next time you hear someone flout how many years experience they have, please remind them that quantity and quality are not the same.
1 x 10 or 10 x 1, which will you rather be?
Both are equal to ten yet only one reflects quality.
Quantity is overrated.
I rather be 10 over 10😀.
Your thoughts?
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