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Start 2021 With Career Clarity…
I understand that many people are stuck, despite knowing that they want a change, they don’t know how or where to start.
If you are starting out, at crossroads or just need a career change, you can do it quickly and successfully once you know how.
After years of helping people find career clarity. I put my best advice in my book, ‘Change Your Career’ which was awarded ‘best career change book 2019’ by Book Authority.
You can now instantly download a copy of my award winning book and have a clear action plan.
In addition to the eBook, I have included:
๐Ÿ“Œa free printable workbook to write as you read
๐Ÿ“Œa free CV template to help you jumpstart your career change
You can follow the link below to get the ebook now.
***About the Book***
Change Your Career is an award-winning self-help book for anyone who seriously wants to change their career quickly and successfully. Each chapter ends with a task that helps you articulate your next steps and actions plans.
This book reveals 10 proven strategies to help you:
โœ…Start your career journey on the right-footing by beginning with a compelling career vision.
โœ…Gain leverage by understanding and identifying your transferable skills.
โœ…Determine any skills gap you may have and identify the required training and development needs.
โœ…Consider all the options available to quicken the realisation of your career goals.
โœ…Prepare for any financial impact that could result from your decision to make a career change.
โœ…Explore networking opportunities that will connect you with the right people to help you realise your desired career change.
Get this ebook, printable Workbook and CV template, all for NGN2,000 only.
This limited offer ends January 10th and is available for via
A Q and A session will be scheduled soon to answer any career change issues you may still have. People who have read the book will be better prepared to jumpstart their career change journey.
Best of luck!

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