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A lot of people think you need lots of cash to start a business, you don’t. You need lots of sense and it has been this way for a while, more so since the advent of the internet.

Most services-based businesses like consulting and training require knowledge, expertise, a laptop and internet. People who delay starting usually think they need to start with a beautiful office, lots of marketing materials etc. If you ask me, that’s a waste of money at the very start. No one will come to your office in the early days. The first client came to our office after year 3, no one came before then.

Even product-based businesses don’t need to buy any stock if you are selling online.

Establish your supplier and negotiate a good price. Get their product brochure. Promote and sell the products online. When the customer pays you, you pay the supplier. You can even get your supplier to deliver on your behalf.

Business requires business sense rather than lots of money to start up. These days what people need is staying power and grit. Many people give up easily or have this grand idea that you must start big.

Think big but start small to gain traction, then scale.

Start now, the perfect time does not exist.

Your thoughts?

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