Busy Senior Executives, Why You Still Need a Good CV

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Are you a busy Senior Executive? Here are 5 reasons why you still need a good CV.

  1. No job is secure, more so, at senior levels. Laying off senior level staff is one of the easiest ways to cut costs. The plug can be pulled anytime. If it happens before you are ready, you will need a good CV and LinkedIn profile to show case yourself for another position.
  2. Your CV can be requested for anytime by a recruiter, employer, board, business opportunity, bid process or educational institution. Last week, a CEO called me because his CV was rejected by Wharton Business School. He applied for an executive education programme and his CV was one of the requested documents for his application. They responded back by saying they needed a more detailed CV. His CV was 2 pages long, yet the information they required was not provided.
  3. Be prepared for a next or final career. At senior levels, you have the opportunity to finally pursue your career dreams. Your CV and LinkedIn profile must reflect your new direction even if you plan to run a business, join a board or become a self employed consultant.
  4. Your online presence is non negotiable. It is becoming unacceptable to not have an updated LinkedIn profile. Asides, 84% of people recruiting use LinkedIn, if a search is done on your name and nothing professional shows up, it could signal that you are ‘old school’ and resistant to innovation. If this is not you then you really want to avoid creating that impression.
  5. Lastly, a senior executive or board level CV is not your regular CV. It involves consultation, strategic understanding and personal brand positioning. Do not think it suffices to use any odd CV template to develop yours. You will get more value working with a senior level career coach. Besides you don’t have the time, so answer a few questions and let an expert help you.

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See ya!

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