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O well, good to know that some firms are seeing the ineffectiveness of using degree grades as entry criteria. I hope the rest will follow suit.

I remember in 2009, despite having over 10 years of work experience and a master’s degree with distinction, one of the big 4 firms said I didn’t qualify for their consulting roles because I had a 2:2-degree grade. At experienced level as well?

What type of criteria excludes people based on an unvalidated assessment?

What is a degree? Let’s face it, and be honest, secondary school made much more sense and was a better foundation than university for most of the skills we use now.

Some of us cannot truly justify our time at university, we just coasted, we went there to mature. I loved every moment of my master’s degree because I was interested in the subject and I was motivated to learn but my first degree, can’t lie, I didn’t enjoy it and hence I wasn’t motivated to excel.

Studying in Nigeria is even 10 times worse, where people don’t even get to study what they want to at the mercy of JAMB and WAEC. So how are they supposed to excel? Then we judge their competence by an examination result? Truth is, education in general needs an overhaul.

It’s great to know paradigms are shifting.

Your thoughts?


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