Be Intentional

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My word for 2021 is ‘Intentional.’

There are many distractions around us and too many things competing for our time and effort.

Without clarity of purpose, we are running on a treadmill, expending a lot of energy but remaining on the same spot.

Without focus we drift like a ship without a sail, moving wherever the wind blows us, going anywhere and ultimately nowhere.

Please decide your focus this year and decide it early. Any focus is better than none.

There is no focus without a vision and a plan.

Write it down, follow it through.

Being intentional means making deliberate and focussed choices. Choosing for yourself in alignment with your vision and purpose.

Remember, you are a function of the quality of relationships and minds you surround yourself with.

Be intentional about forming new relationships with new people.

Most people gravitate towards average. You are more likely to reflect the average performance of your friends. If you are the best in your group and still don’t like where you are, seek a new group.

Surround yourself with forward minded people.

This year, be bold enough to cut off relationships and habits that don’t serve fulfilling your purpose.

Be intentional about learning, choose to be a lifetime learner. Choose people you can learn from and be humble enough to accept they can help you even if you don’t like them.

Choose to be a problem solver. Providing solutions to problems wherever you find yourself.

Choose to add value and choose to be of value.

Be intentional. Remain focussed.

©️Adora Ikwuemesi

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