Attitude of Gratitude

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The universe loves gratitude…try it. Be grateful and watch how you have more things to be grateful about. Complain and keep finding things to complain about.

Have you ever given someone something and they seemed so appreciative and delighted. How did it make you feel? You just want to keep giving them. You may make it a habit of giving them just to see them light up.

Have you ever given someone something they showed little or no regard for, and even complained about? How did it make you feel? ‘Never again’, I guess. No one likes to give ungrateful people anything. Even when ungrateful people get something, they can’t appreciate.

Be grateful. Show gratitude. Appreciate people and things. No one owes you anything. When you receive, delight and appreciate. It brings more to be grareful for your way.

The universe loves gratitude and it always keeps giving grateful people.

Try gratitude.

Your thoughts?

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