Ask Her…(Part 2)

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Women should always have the choice to determine what they can or cannot do.

No one should ever dictate the capability of a female based on her gender.

  • Can she work late hours or weekends? Ask her.
  • Can she travel often for work? Ask her.
  • Can she manage physically demanding work? Ask her.
  • Can she manage a team of men? Ask her and try her.
  • Can she drive organisational performance? Try her.
  • Can she work while pregnant? Ask her.
  • Will she take maternity leave? Ask her.
  • Does she deserve the same compensation as her male counterparts? Why not?

Stop thinking and making assumptions for women and about women.
Stop making choices for women and thinking it is in their own best interest.

  • Every woman is more than capable of making decisions in her best interest.
  • Every woman knows her plans and her priorities.
  • Every woman has dreams and aspirations.
  • Every woman is different.

Never take away a woman’s greatest right, the right to choose. Instead, when in doubt, Ask Her.

Wouldn’t you rather be asked?

Copyright 2019, Adora Ikwuemesi

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