Are You Showcasing Your Best Version?

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Imagine you had a very important meeting that was a key defining moment in
your life. You were to present a pitch in bid for a large work contract.
You found out at the very last minute that you could not attend in person
due to personal circumstances outside your control. However, your clients
are very understanding and ask you to send in your pitch via email with a
written description of why you are the best person to be awarded the
contract. What would you do to ensure you won the contract?

Would you send an email with no subject?

Would you send an email with no content but just an attachment?

Would you forward the same bid documents you used for another client?

Will you copy a friend’s bid document?

Would you ignore attention to structure and ignore spelling and grammatical

Will you ignore the bid qualification instructions?

If you answered No to most or all of these questions then consider the
Pitch to be your CV. Your CV is your pitch document for your dream job.
Before there is any chance to meet you in person most employers have
already met your CV. So why do you pay so little attention to it? Your
Chief representative.

Your CV is You! It is that representation that you send ahead of you before
very important meetings like interviews that can change the cause of your
career life. The one you send ahead to assure your clients that you are the
best person for the job. Whatever impression or attribute you choose to
showcase on your CV, it represents you. You will be judged by your CV
regardless of your qualifications. Sure, you may be lucky if your field is
very specialist but should there be competitive choice, a poor CV will work
against you.

Please pay attention to the impression you are creating via your CV. Ask
yourself, Is this me? Am I proud of this representation of me? If in doubt,
please review it till you are proud to say this is the best version of me!

Copyright, Adora Ikwuemesi

Adora Ikwuemesi is a Human Resources Management Expert and Coach
specialising in Learning and Development solutions that help individuals
and organisations realise their full potential.

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