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If you really want to jump start your career, there are proven strategies to doing it quickly and successfully. I have done it 5 times, no pay cut, no volunteering necessary. It has worked for so many as well.

I know first hand how it feels to be miserable in a job. I have fought my own battles and realise that my worst career experiences were a lesson in empathy. Without setbacks I may never have understood the depth of the misery of an unfulfiling career. Empathy helps champion the cause of others. It explains my affinity to helping others achieve their career dreams.

Please pay attention as it works, the biggest blunder is that people never follow through. My 10 strategies for a successful career change are;

1. Start with a Vision 
2. Retrain
3. Highlight Your Transferable Skills
4. Gain Work Experience 
5. Consider Internal Vacancies 
6. Consider Your Industry 
7. Consider Easier Entry Points 
8. Get Better at Networking 
9. Plan Your Finances 
10. Set Goals and Execute

Want more? Details are in my book. Each chapter has a series of tasks you complete to help you articulate your action plans.

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My book is available in:


Good luck with your career

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