50 Top Personalities on LinkedIn?

by | Dec 31, 2019 | General | 0 comments

Hmmm…50 top personalities on LinkedIn? …Let’s just say…I didn’t see this one coming. Grateful to be even nominated. The real stars are those who read. Many thanks to you. I don’t take it forgranted at all. A lot of times, I write because it helps me declutter my brain which is constantly processing one million things.

Writing is how I relax, how I learn and how I think. Writing is also a very efficient way of giving to others. A lot of times when my mailbox is clogged with so many messages I just write to respond to it, knowing it will help many more people.

Thank you all for the opportunity to share a gift through writing. Thank you to Seun Odegbami and SalesRuby for this nomination. I pray for inspiration to continue to make it worthwhile for others. Gracias!


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