3 Signs You are in the Wrong Career

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Your career is simply your work life. Most of us start with good intentions but sometimes even the best laid plans end in disappointment. So how do you know if you made the wrong choice or are simply in need of a change?

There are a few signs that indicate being in the wrong career, I am going to start with the most obvious;

1.      You are miserable

If you are unhappy about the current state of your career, it is a sure sign that you are in the wrong career. It is normal to be unhappy about events in our lives every now and then, however, being miserable for long periods is far from ideal. Also, when you are unhappy for a long time, it leads to depression. 

In recent times, we hear a lot about depression because it is more common than we think. Depression is simply prolonged sadness that lasts beyond a period of two weeks. Depression can be mild, moderate or severe. Yes, if you have been sad about your work-life for a long period of time, you could be suffering depression without knowing it. Many depressed people continue in the wrong careers for long periods.

Being depressed is harmful because if we are in a sad state, we operate sub-optimally. Easy tasks are executed with difficulty and our level of performance drops. Other symptoms of depression include;

·      not going out or dreading social gatherings

·      not feeling up to doing your work

·      withdrawing from family and friends

·      no longer being interested in things you previously were

·      not being able to concentrate

·      Looking for a means of escape like alcohol or sedative drugs to help you relax

If you are experiencing more than two of these symptoms, please seek the help of a counsellor or therapist.

2.      You are unfulfilled

You may not be outrightly miserable but you may have that togging feeling that there is more to your career life than your current job. Deep down, you know you should be doing something else which you may or may not know what. You are seeking purpose and meaning which your current role does not fulfil. You feel you are wasting time at your job. You keep wondering how and when this longing will be over but you feel stuck.

3.      You are average or underperforming at your job

You don’t stand out at your job and you are at best an average performer. You do not go the extra mile, in fact, you do what is required to just get by. You make a clear distinction that your work life is very separate from your personal life, your work persona is very different from your true self. Sometimes you drop the ball because you don’t just care enough. Your job may have been fine to start with but progressively you may be neglecting important tasks. For the most part, you are disengaged from your job and really not that concerned about performing optimally.

If you answered yes to 2 of these 3 signs, you are probably in the wrong career and need to make changes that enable you maximise your potential while achieving a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Need to take action? read the concluding article titled, Wrong Career? 3 Things You Can Do About It Now!

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